Expert Record and Tape Transfers

MRM Audio will transfer old records and any other analog voice or music recordings to the digital format of your choice. Maybe you’ve unearthed an ancient reel-to-reel recording of you or a relative that hasn’t been played in years (or decades). Or perhaps you’ve recently dug up a mix tape you made back in the day for a girlfriend or boyfriend—the person you ended up marrying. Or let’s say you’re holding some rare record that’s never been released on CD, and so you haven’t been able to get into its grooves since you gave your turntable to Goodwill. Whatever the recording or its value—sentimental, historical, musical—MRM Audio can resurrect the sound.

Who’s the man behind the curtain?
My name is Matt Marion. I am MRM Audio. I’ll give you a discount on your first transfer if you can figure out what the “R” stands for.

What kind of experience and training do you have?
I first started making copies of recordings with an old Sears stereo that I shared with my brother. Whenever he’d buy a new LP, I’d copy it on to a blank cassette tape so that we could listen to the album in my mother’s 1980 Toyota Corolla (which I later inherited and drove into the ground). The stereo wasn’t even “lo-fi” never mind hi-fi, but it did the trick for a 9-year-old with an itch to play Edison. Over the ensuing decades, I upgraded my equipment and my skills. Most recently, I completed post-graduate coursework in audiovisual archiving and the preservation of audiovisual materials at Charles Sturt University in Australia. I am also a member of the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA).

Why should I trust you with my recording?
I’m a Virgo, which means that I’m afflicted with the disease of perfectionism. So I’ll treat your recording as if it were my own, i.e. better than some people treat their children. This care and attention also extends to the transfer itself. Unlike competing services, I focus on quality rather than quantity: I’d rather transfer two records with excellent results than 14 that turn out just o.k. To that end, every recording benefits from one or more of the following steps:

  • Every record is meticulously cleaned. I use the excellent Spin-Clean system followed by the KAB EV-1 vacuum machine for drying. If a record is in fragile condition, I rely on products from The Disc Doctor and clean them by hand.
  • Open-reel tapes and cassettes are inspected prior to playback. Breaks are spliced and tape leader is added when necessary.
  • The tape paths in the reel-to-reel players and cassette deck are cleaned thoroughly prior to every transfer. Demagnetization is performed frequently.

This is a soundboard recording of a 1986 Miles Davis concert, given to my customer by Miles himself. The tape transfer produced an incredible-sounding CD.


Okay, how much do you charge?
If all you want is to copy your well-worn cassette of Duran Duran’s Rio album to CD, then I’m probably not your man. On the other hand, if Simon LeBon himself gave you a tape recording of one of the band’s concerts that you’re afraid is about to spontaneously erase or unspool before you can have it transferred to digital, then we’re in business. My fees:

Cassette: $30 each

LP: $35 each

78 rpm: $40 each

Reel-to-reel: $45 each

Other analog sources: Contact me for pricing.

*Not including applicable shipping and handling charges.

What you receive in return is a high-resolution transfer to the digital format of your choice (see below). If the transfer is to CD, all songs will be split into separate tracks and labeled with CD-TEXT before then being burned to a CD-R. Note, however, that regular CD-Rs are more likely to produce write errors during the burn process and are also more vulnerable to environmental degradation. Therefore, higher-quality archival CD-Rs are recommended ($5 per disc, $8 per disc with inkjet printable label). If the original recording needs restoration work, such as click removal on records or extraneous noise edited from a tape, I charge an additional $20 per hour.

Analog formats accepted: Compact Cassette, Minicassette Microcassette, Open-Reel Tape, All Vinyl and Lacquer Records (16 rpm, 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm), 8-Track, and others

Digital formats returned: MP3, WAV, FLAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, Compact Disc, DVD-Audio, and others

Do you transfer VHS to DVD?
I don’t, but I can unreservedly recommend a service that does: EFalk Media and Design. I’d trust Eric with any video job. Check out his site.

Where are you located?
MRM Audio is based in New Jersey, however, I accept work from anywhere in the world. Contact me for more information on how to safely ship your recording.