In addition to audio transfers and restoration, I also produce and sell my own recordings.

PIPE DREAMS. Do you have difficulty falling asleep and find that listening to traditional white noise leaves you staring at the ceiling? Are you stressed and want a completely drug-free way to relax at the end of a day? This recording may help. Years ago while running a bath, I happened to lean my head against the tile wall and accidentally discovered that the combined subterranean sounds of the water flowing through the pipes and pouring into the tub were incredibly soothing. So using a Shure SM57 microphone inside a specially fabricated “ear” pressed against the tile, I recorded what I heard to my Otari MX-5050 BII open reel deck at 15 ips. This analog recording was transferred to digital at 24 bits/192 khz resolution, edited, and then reduced to 16 bits/44.1 kHz resolution for CD burning. Listen to a sample below.


Length: 1 hour

Price per CD in slimline case: $15 plus $3 shipping. New Jersey customers add 7% sales tax.

Methods of payment accepted: Check or PayPal. Contact me for details.