“As the choral group for alumni who sang in any group while on the Columbia University campuses, Columbia Alumni Singers, we needed both the sketchy recordings of our current concerts edited and polished, and the same and more for our even more problematic historic recordings that resided on 30- to 70- year-old 45, 78 and 33 rpm records and reel to reel tape. Matt presented us with surprisingly well cleaned-up and carefully organized CDs and we could not have been more pleased. We recommend Matt enthusiastically and without reservation.”

Michael Garrett


“I had a favorite cassette tape that was at least 10 years old and obviously starting to break down; I knew it would not last too much longer. To complicate things, I could not find it on CD or in a music file I could purchase from the Internet. So I asked Matt to transfer my tape to a CD. He gave me the option of transferring the cassette to iTunes files and/or transferring the material to a CD. I received iTunes files and a CD of my tape, and the sound quality is excellent. I now have my entire tape on a file in my music library, and I never have to worry that it is going to break down.

I highly recommend having Matt transfer all of your important recordings.”

Theresa Shaw, Au.D.
Senior Audiologist
New York University Medical Center


“I’m very glad I had MRM transfer a reel-to-reel tape of my dad & I from when I was 4 years old! The quality of the CD is excellent and now I don’t have to worry about the tape wearing further to the point where I can no longer listen to my memories any longer. I’m going to have Matt transfer some old tapes now of my grandfather playing his guitar.”

Pam Catalano


“I am so grateful to Matt for reuniting me with a long lost favorite folk record that I had been craving listening to for almost 20 years. It was the only record of this artist that hadn’t been made into a CD, and it had one of my favorite songs of all time on it. Now I can listen to it over and over and not worry about wearing it out.”

Maria Rodale
Chairman and CEO
Rodale Inc.


“Shortly before he shipped out for Iwo Jima, my grandfather made a sound recording for my grandmother back home. The recording booth was sponsored by Pepsi-Cola. When my grandmother died, the recording, which appeared to be a standard 78 RPM vinyl disc, was passed to me. I had never heard it and was tantalized by what it might contain, especially in light of the fact that my grandfather had throat surgery when I was a very young boy and I only ever recall him speaking in a hoarse whisper. I despaired of ever listening, however, when I opened the packet pictured above and discovered that the record was cracked and crazed over its entire surface. Frankly, I held out little hope the project would ever yield anything more than squawks and static.


This mailer contains an audio artifact: a 78 rpm lacquer disc from the 1940s that was transferred to CD.



It took some doing, but Matt performed a miracle. I am now in possession of my grandfather’s voice. Since then I’ve sent several long-buried family recordings (including decrepit cassettes and an ancient set of reel-to-reels) to Matt, and in each case he has returned startling-good digital versions. So if you’ve got a treasure of this nature rattling around in a cardboard box and you’re scared to play it from fear of destroying it, consider contacting Matt.”

Michael Perry
Author, Humorist, Singer-Songwriter


“I had tears of laughter in my eyes listening to this band tape. I made copies for my friends. The best quote on the tape was ‘Guys, I don’t think we’re gonna make it in the music business.’ And my wife thanks you for the recordings of me as a child. Good work!”

Bob Spearing


“Thank you so very much for making my father’s voice come to ‘life.’ My parents were married over 25 years when I came along—as a result, I had quality time with them, but not as much as I would have hoped. With your ‘magic,’ I was able to go back in time and walk down memory lane listening to a voice that meant so much to me. I will most certainly recommend you to any of my friends who have a similar need.”

Arlene Sinno